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Thread: A few questions about the ZCS 5.0 Open Source edition

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    Default A few questions about the ZCS 5.0 Open Source edition

    Just wanted to say that I've been using ZCS for a long while now and each upgrade has gone well... including my upgrade from 4.5.10 to 5.0. Great product, great work!

    I could have sworn read in the PR prior to the release of 5.0 that there was going to be a new feature where one could share calendars via http (in addition to ical). Did I imagine that or did that get pulled or am I overlooking it?

    IM [beta]
    I don't see anywhere in the release notes or the documentation that for IM to work, it has to ALSO be enabled on the server side. I found a forum posting, although I don't have the URL handy or I'd paste it in here, that documented what needed to be done to enable IM on the server side. After that, it seems to work. I realize it is beta... but here are a few questions:

    1) It is based on Jabber right? How does one do a more than two person chat?

    2) Can outside Jabber users contact Zimbra users?

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    HTML view of shared calendars works, but is poorly advertised. Simply edit the calendar share invite email to append .html to the share URL:

    Related RFEs Bug 7393 - Make email invites more usefull for folks that aren't using the zimbra UI Bug 18386 - Publish user free-busy info on web page Bug 22308 - "Share Created" emails should offer all applicable REST URLs

    IM: Yes to both, but you currently have to learn more about Jabber than you want to. I am probably going to wait until 5.5 to make IM visible to end users.

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