I have a customer who claims to occassionally have all of their emails show up multiple times within the Zimbra Web Client. I.e.: when they open the Zimbra Web Client, all of the emails have multiple copies (2-3 copies per email). They claim it is sporatic; which are always the easiest problems to troubleshoot.

I have spend countless hours looking at logs, utilizing the zmmsgtrace command to see if they are simply receiving the email multiple times, etc. All with no idea, suggestions, or throughts.

I know they are using IE7. I have also viewed their email account multiple times using IE7, FF, Safari, etc. And I have never seen a single dupped email.

Has anyone else every heard of this? I found posts regarding duplicate emails from individuals using IMAP Clients; however, I have not found anything similar to dups within the Zimbra Web Client.