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Thread: [SOLVED] POP3 Polling Intervall

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    Default [SOLVED] POP3 Polling Intervall

    Hi there,

    currently I'm testing ZCS 5.0 (Release 5.0.0_GA_1869.RHEL5_20071218195236 CentOS5 NETWORK edition)

    I tried the Polling Intervall for external mails, like said in this bug

    zmprov gc default | grep zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval
    zmprov mc default zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval 5m
    zmprov gc default | grep zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval
    zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval: 5m
    I did a zmcontrol stop / start.

    But nothing happend with my POP3 Account. Should I do anything else? Are there any logs?
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