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    Default best practice: grouping shared calendars

    we're evaluating zimbra netwokr edition, and one of the features we plan to use extensively is the shared calendar. however, instead of just having a few dozen shared calendars in one long list in the left hand pane, we were going to try to group them.

    When I started playing with this, the first idea I had was that I created a dummy user called HRGroup. I shared that calendar with the test users user1 user2 and user3 who are part of the distribution group I then did a createmountpoint for each of the users mounting the HRGroup calendar as /HR Dept. It was shared with rwid permissions so each person could add/remove stuff from their department calendar.

    I then shared each of the userX's calendar with the group with r permission so they coudl see their coworker's claendars. I then created a mountpoint for each person's calendar as /HR Dept/userX in their coworker's calendar.

    This gave me a expandable/collapsable grouping which for user3 looked like this

    > HR Dept

    However, I found that trying to select user1 or user2's calendar gave me a permission error. I dind't get this error if i mounted the same share at the root of the namespace so I figured that mounting one shared calendar under another shared calendar just wasn't good practice and was probably causing zimbra to freak.

    oh well, back to the drawing board.

    If i couldn't mount one shared calendar inside anotehr, I'd try mounting many shared calendars under one personal calendar. So for each of the userX I did a createfolder /HR Dept. Then again, I mounted each of the other users under that. This gave me the same expandable and collapsable grouping, and now I could select the individual users and I could see their calendars. Of course now /HR Dept is not a "group calendar" because it is local to each person, but I might rename it to just Coworkers and have a separate HR Dept shared calendar at the root. I did notice though that it did not save the checkbox for displaying the calendars of the children of the group (the userX's) between sessions, only the top level HR Dept. This will probably become a bug report

    Has anyone else tried this? Can an employee or someone say what the best practice is for doing something like this?
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