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Thread: Auto Expand Folders

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    Default Auto Expand Folders

    Is there a way to set it so that all mail folders are expanded? If there isn't an option in the user interface, is there somewhere in the code (I'm running the OSS version) that I can change it so that this happens.


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    You can right-click > then expand all on the top of your folder structure (pic attached)
    But it sounds like you want to vote for Bug 1920 - Persist folder tree expand/collapse state across sessions so you don't have to do it each time
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    The bug shows as "Fixed". Do we know how to do this or is it a V7 fix?

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    this is a v7 feature

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    It is partly fixed...

    Tryng out Zimbra here, and stumbled on this bug.

    If you create folders under your primary account and subfolders for these folders. Then the "opened" state of folders, Folder state will be saved correctly.

    However there are separators, "zimlets" and if you use child accounts with "google for +zimbraChildAccount". Then neither separators, or child accounts remeber if they should be closed or opened.

    They behave very randomly. If you create new accounts + childaccounts and view from parent account, then they are all opened. I got them all closed after logging in/out like 10 times.. and after 10 times of tryng i never could get them all be opened as default again. Then i added more child accounts, and wanted them all to be closed by default.. i never managed that either.

    All testing was done With:
    Server: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64bit - Zimbra 7.1
    Client: Firefox 7.0 and Google Chrome 14.0 on Debian 6 aka squeeze.

    Shortly - folders remember closed/opened state.
    Everything else that can be closed/opened acts randomly (especially annoyng with lots of child accounts under primary account).

    This is a stopper to migrate my small business to Zimbra.

    PS: the comment i made at..
    seems to hang on Fixed bug, sorry.. could anyone create a new bug correctly.. or how could i do it myself ?
    PS:PS: if i would try to fix this myself, where should i look in the source/or webserver files ?
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    Hi i have fixed the problem for myself.
    If anyone could open a bug report, i could attach some instruction on it how to fix it.

    Giving a hint what is actually wrong:
    The bug involves this line:
    appCtxt.set(ZmSetting.ACCOUNT_TREE_OPEN, expanded, null, null, null, acct);
    In file Startup1_2_all.js
    The variable "acct" gets lost in settings saving procedures.
    And instead wrong account is used as Active Account to save ACCOUNT_TREE_OPEN expanded/closed status.

    Took me 2 days to learn javascript debugging with firebug, and finding the correct bug location and coming up with a fix for it.

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