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Thread: Autocomplete Results Differ From To: Search

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    Default Autocomplete Results Differ From To: Search

    This is a 5.0RC2 test system. Added external LDAP server (to test users accessing addresses beyond our domain). GAL Autocomplete results as expected, showing all matching hits but when search is from the Select Addresses dialog, only get hits from the internal zimbra ldap. Suggestions?

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    Even though it's a test system, go ahead and update it to 5.0.0 GA, then test the functionality of to: > shownames from: Global Address List > run a search.

    Little note, as you're on RHEL4 may need need to:
    As root, read the ~zimbra/.bashrc, and set the PERLLIB and PERL5LIB environment variables to match what the zimbra user does, and then try installing.
    export PERLLIB=/opt/zimbra/zimbramon/lib:/opt/zimbra/zimbramon/lib/i386-linux-thread-multi
    export PERLLIB
    export PERL5LIB
    This should tell perl to use the Zimbra perl libraries before using the system perl libraries.

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