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Thread: Success, Exim and Zimbra working together!

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    Default Success, Exim and Zimbra working together!

    Finally got it working, here's how I did it, the IP addresses used are fictitious and you should use your own.

    In Zimbra get postfix using port 26, changes; inet n - n - - smtpd inet n - n - - smtpd

    In the admin console choose Servers/your server/MTA and set the Web mail MTA hostname and Relay MTA for external delivery to . The port stays at 25. I also had the same set under Global Settings just in case.

    I'm assuming you already have a working Exim config, I'm using 4.66 but it should work with most recent versions. To make it work with Zimbra I added one router and one transport. Make sure your router is high enough in the list so that local mail is delivered to Zimbra first.

    driver = manualroute
    domains =
    route_list = *
    transport = zimbra_trans
    self = send

    driver = smtp
    port = 26

    Restart everything...

    That's it. Mail coming in the normal way gets picked up my exim and sent out to port 26 where postfix is waiting and delivers it to Zimbra. Sending mail from Zimbra goes directly to Exim, local mail gets routed back into Postfix for local deliver and mail destined for outside gets delivered by Exim without postfix ever having to look at it.

    Hope this helps the Exim lovers out there!

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    Cool - could you update your other thread to let them know as well?

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    That's done, cheers.

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