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Thread: Problem after disable some services

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    Exclamation Problem after disable some services

    Hello, Iīve been playing a bit with Zimbra and Iīve dissable some services in the web administration so I canīt access now to the Administration. Services running now are just ldap logger and spell.
    Iīve been searching in the forum and in the documentation but I canīt find how to enable the other services manually.

    Help, please!!

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    Default The answer

    Ok, after reading the Zimbra OS Admin Guide Iīve found how to do this. Using the command zmprov Iīve enabled all services as active.

    For the records, this is the command :

    zmprov ms [Server_name] zimbraServiceEnabled antivirus zimbraServiceEnabled antispam zimbraServiceEnabled logger zimbraServiceEnabled mailbox zimbraServiceEnabled mta zimbraServiceEnabled snmp zimbraServiceEnabled ldap zimbraServiceEnabled spell

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