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Thread: Measurament of the performance

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    Default Measurament of the performance

    Hi guys i got a question about zimbra, i had installed a couple of zimbra servers but what i want to do now, is to measure the performance of my zimbra server, i mean, response times for users, band with wich is used by my server, stuff like that wich is not on the zimbra logger or stadistics on the console, this is because some times as you know there are users that says "my zimbra is too slow" and you don't have an exact measure that says it is so, or it is not, anyone knows a tool that give me that kind of info? or a log i don't know, i'll apreciate any response, thanks!

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    You can add net-snmpd to your server and collect the data in a tool such as Cacti.

    About the user feeling ("Zimbra is slow") that is 99% of the time related to the user computer, I suggest you install Firebug and use its "Net" features to have informations about timing.

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