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Thread: Best Practices; Sharing Calendars

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    Default Best Practices; Sharing Calendars

    Hi Folks,

    I hope this is a relatively simple question;

    We've just set up Zimbra (4.5) for a small (30+ user). These folks use a variety of methods to access their accounts (web, desktop client, thunderbird/lightning, outlook, evolution...)

    It appears have two basic methods of creating a shared calendar, I am trying to figure out the advantages of one over the other

    1) Have a user create a calendar in their account and share it to a group
    2) Create a "group" user and share that calendar out to the group

    I can see certain advantages to both tactics... I wonder what others have found based on experience.


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    If you're creating items simply for the purpose of sharing, then you'd probably want to use a separate account for those shares. (I have one user sharing out company calendar/contacts, department calendars etc.)

    If your user in charge of the calendar leaves, then you have to use their account still, and potentially allow someone to take it over. With my central calendar/contact account, I have access to all the shares in one location, I can set up automated shares for people, etc.

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