Hi everybody,

I'm a new users
I've searched in the forum for an answer to my problem, but I didn't find it. If you think that an old thread can help me, please tell me the link

I have zimbra Network edition on my Sles 10 server.
I Have some problem with authentication.

If from an external machine I try to send an email (by telnet or by a mail client) to a zimbra internal domain, zimbra don't request me the authentication.
If, also from an external machine, I try to send an email to an external email address, zimbra request me to authenticate.

I would like that zimbra ask me to authenticate also if I would like to send an email to an internal zimbra domain address.
How can I do that?

here my MTA server configuration:
Enable authentication: checked
TLS authentication only: disable
Web Mail MTA hostname: myhostname
web mail mta port: 25
Relay MTA for external delivery: the ip of the external mail server (in this case is a Mailscanner)
MTA trusted networks: myserversubnet

I'm sorry for my english.
Thanks for yours help