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Thread: LDAP Filter issue and GAL

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    Default LDAP Filter issue and GAL

    Ok I am having some problems setting up the External LDAP Filter, our college has the most basic LDAP setup for our sun boxes.

    So lets say the box I installed zimbra on was called "" and the ldap box was called

    So in the Authentication Configuration Wizard:
    LDAP filter: ??????
    LDAP search base: ou=people,,o=isp

    what would I put for the LDAP filter so when u login the user would type in "Roger.Thomas." I searched the forums like crazy but all i could come up with is "uid=%u" for the LDAP filter, when I try the test with "Roger.Thomas" it accepts it." But when I try to log in with the user "Roger.Thomas" it says my user name or password could be wrong. But I know for a fact my user and pass correct. After that all my accounts are locked out, even the basic admin you get after installing zimbra is locked out.

    Ok then for GAL this is what I get:
    GAL mode: External
    Server type: LDAP
    ldap filter:?????? tried using "uid=%u" again.
    LDAP serach base: dc=gmoney,dc=sweet,dc=edu(it auto fills this in for me, should it really be "dc=gmoney" shouldn’t it be "dc=ldap" instead of looking at its own box where ldap doesn’t reside?)

    So when I try to setup up GAL, and I try a test user like "Roger.Thomas" it says search is done but shows no recoreds of anything, if i put in "ou=people,,o=isp" for the "LDAP Serach base" its just blank.
    But as you can see above there it auto fills with "dc=gmoney,dc=sweet,dc=edu" then it says GAL Searched Failed.

    That and what would I put in for the "ldap filter", again for the GAL. Thank you so much, for the great program, we are thinking about having this in production one day at our college. Just trying to see what it all can do. Thanks a bunch.
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