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Thread: just slow responsiveness....why?

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    Default just slow responsiveness....why?

    i love the software and there isn't much that i would like to change for my site.
    however i would like to know why it's so SLOW to start/restart the service either on bootup or running. everything else seems fine but it just takes at least a minute and sometimes more to restart. is this normal, if so fine. but if not, is there something i can do to improve the preformance.
    p.s. just now restarted service....about 1.5 to 2 minutes.
    system specs.

    950 athlon
    ~650mb PC133 RAM
    80gb WD hd (8mb cache)
    10/100 3com nic
    unsure of what VIA chipset i have.
    OS: Fedora core 4

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    Default Room for improvement

    Startup time is something we're looking at, in our work on revamping the way the system is controlled, but there's not *that* much room for improvment.

    Remember - we're starting, on a single box:

    These need to start in order, so we can't do it in parallel. Additionally, the startup sequence for most of them requires them to rebuild their configurations from the ldap instance (this is where we can save the most time).

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