I come from a qmail background, where it's really easy to pipe messages to processes. I have done a bit of research and see that that's possible with postfix.However, I don't know exactly how to do this right with Zimbra. I've found some stuff on the forums and what not that sound similar, but none of it makes sense, or seems to work. Could anyone explain to me the right way to have mail for a certain address, say process@domain.com execute a script on the server? We use this in a lot of different way to tie automated systems into email. For example, we use Request Tracker for our ticketing system, and so we have an email address that normally runs the rt-mailgate program to inject the message into the remote RT server. So in qmail I have a .qmail-rt file that has "|/usr/bin/rt-mailgate ..." in it. How do I get this functionality with Zimbra?

We're using Zimbra 4.5 Network edition still, and are waiting for 5 to have a few more releases before we upgrade.