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Thread: webdav not working

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    Default webdav not working

    I have installed the OSS version of zimbra (ver. 5) and the Network version (5 also) at work. I have added accounts and can access the webdav 'share', however, every folder that is listed is empty.

    On my home version (OSS), I have about 15 mail folder, the briefcase, etc. All empty, even though in the web client, there are documents in the 'folders'. I don't see any errors in the mailbox.log file.

    The network version is pretty much doing the same thing. No errors, and all the folders are empty.

    Is there something else I'm supposed to do to get this working right?


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    Default almost scratch that

    It seems that I had the url to connect to wrong: <- this is incorrect <- this is *correct*.

    However, the first method is what was sent in the free online demo account, which is what I was going by

    A couple questions, still, though:

    1) When does the sync happen?

    2) Which folders should actually contain data? Mail folders? Calendar? Only the Briefcase/Documents folders?


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