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Thread: Spamassasin, ClamAv not functionning

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    Default Spamassasin, ClamAv not functionning


    I installed Zimbra OSS on my machine, and did a few tests that should have triggered Spamassasin and ClamAv:

    1. Sent myself a message containing "v1agra v1agra";
    2. Sent myself a mail with the "I luv you" code as an attachment, complete with .vbs extension.

    The messages went through undisturbed, and the Server Statistics (anti-spam, anti-virus activity) did not register any spam nor virus hits.

    I've turned on the debug logging in amavis, and looked at zimbra.log, but no activity there neither.

    All services are working properly.

    Is there any config files I should look at to enable SA and ClamAv?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Did you send the mail from your zimbra account or an external account (gmail/hotmail/work account)?

    You will probably need to send from an external account as I'm not sure if zimbra->zimbra gets parsed by amavisd-new.

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    Default view original

    VIew original on the message, look for amavis headers.

    Most local mail won't get caught because the AS software (correctly) trusts mail originating from local IP addresses.

    For AV software, do google "eicar" which will point you to a test string that all AV software will recognize as a virus - any message with that embedded in it will be stopped by clamAV

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