I'm very happy with version 5.0.1, now that Thunderbird no longer throws errors!

I used to always use the Sky theme when running the Admin. (I'm not a big fan of that brown.) I tried to get Waves working, the way I used to (copying it into the zimbraAdmin/skins folder, restarting the webserver, and logging in with ?skin=waves). However, the admin interface throws a bunch of JavaScript errors, and eventually just hangs on the Loading screen. I can snag them using FireBug if you'd like.

My question is, Is this a known issue? I've already read the thread where one user was unable to get the Admin to load correctly after upgrading to v5. In that thread it is stated that themes don't work under the Admin. Was I just lucky with v4.5?

On a related note - is the normal login screen no longer skinnable, as well? I have set it to Waves, but it always looks like Beach until after logging in.

- Phil DeJarnett

PS: Just tried replacing 'beach' ? initparam.zimbraDefaultSkin with 'waves' ? initparam.zimbraDefaultSkin, clearing the jetty work directory, and restarting jetty, still no waves login. The login.jsp's CSS link is still beach as well.