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Thread: Server locking up - were do i start

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    Default Server locking up - were do i start

    After months of trouble free service my 4.5 on centos has started locking up. It started as weekly and now its every second day. Its locking so bad I cant even ssh into the server. Must reboot. Can anyone tell me where to start looking.

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    How 'bout giving us some more information:

    4.5.x??? what release? If you're not using 4.5.10 GA, start with upgrading your zimbra install. We had some issues where Zimbra would fill up /tmp and an upgrade to 4.5.10 fixed that. If you're going to go to the trouble of upgrade, you should probably upgrade to 5.0.1

    Anything in logs? Anything useful on the console?

    You may try to give some indication that you attempted to troubleshoot the issue and your findings. I'm sure you did more than what is in your post, but based on what you posted, most would just disregard your message thinking you were a "lazy sponge".

    Let us know what you've already discovered so we don't have to go through all that (basic troubleshooting and discovery), and if you're not on 4.5.10, upgrade and report back if you still have trouble.

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