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Thread: Question on sending via remote connection

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    Default Question on sending via remote connection

    The sales at my company uses a laptop so i have setup her connection to zimbra via the web... in outlook..

    i have the inbound server as: with the corresponding port..

    and i have the outbound server as: .. the the corresponding port..

    now she connects and downloads her email withiout any problem... but she has a problem sending emails... if she is sending an email to me or anyone else on the zimbra box there isnt any issue.. but once she tries to send an email to anyone out of domain.. it gives her the message "relay denied" ...

    I have in outlook that to send mail the user must log in and i still get the same error.. any ideas ?

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    by default users have to authenticate using tls so you can try :
    - setup outlook to use tls
    - in administration console, in global settings , MTA section remove the check box from "TLS authentication only".

    maurizio speranza

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