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Thread: Local internal mail failing (PHP, command line mail)

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    Default Local internal mail failing (PHP, command line mail)

    Running CentOS 4 x86 , ZCS 5.0.1GA Community.

    Everything is setup and functioning well (and has been for some time) except for local mail delivery.

    The only thing different from standard on my setup is that I bound jetty to one IP per my own instructions here.

    Sending mail through php scripts, the command line mail command, or things like logwatch reports never go through, are never logged in the maillog, messages, or zimbra log. Is this normal behavior for Zimbra? I have one server running CentOS 5 ZCS 5.0 GA that works correctly. I do have the hostname of the server setup as a domain in Zimbra.

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    I have two boxes that are setup the same way, one is CentOS4 i386, the other CentOS 5 x86_64. The x86_64 works, i386 doesn't.

    Solved my own problem, but I'm not sure this is the right way.

    Postfix is installed on both boxes from the vendor / CentOS rpms but not running. sendmail binary is in /usr/sbin/ and configured to postfix with 'alternatives'.

    I removed the sendmail symlink and linked it to /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/sendmail which works.

    Not sure why it was broken on one and not the other, but the symlink works.

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