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Thread: Can't access the admin page anymore

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    Default Can't access the admin page anymore

    Playing in Zimbra 5.0.1 on F7 and all of a sudden I get this when accessing the admin console;

    Firefox can't connect securely to because the site uses a security protocol which isn't enabled.

    IE just gets an error page. I've been playing for days without a problem, all I did was modify the maximum size for email though I don't think it's related to the problem.

    I have rebooted both the server and workstation but the problem persists.
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    Did you resolve this?

    Are there and errors in the logs about which security protocol is causing the problem? This is caused by a security protocol being disabled in FF, take a look at this page and see if it helps.


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    I went through all the firefox fix possibilities and it didn't fix it. I think it was a ssl handshaking problem, I re-installed zimbra from scratch (it was only a test install) and it started working again. This proves that it wasn't a firefox problem I quess.

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