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Thread: FolderGrant Problems with 5.0.1

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    Default FolderGrant Problems with 5.0.1


    one of our users has shared his Calendar to a external guest. It seems to be impossible to revoke the FolderGrant.

    When I try to revoke the grant in Webclient nothing happens (only the mail is sent). In the CLI I see:

    mbox> syncfolder /Calendar
    mbox> gfg /Calendar
    Permissions    Type  Display
    -----------  ------  -------
              r   guest  null
    I tried to remove the FolderGrant through the CLI:

    mbox> mfg /Calendar guest SomeSecret none
    mbox> syncFolder /Calendar
    mbox> gfg -v /Calendar
     "type": "guest",
     "name": null,
     "id": "",
     "permissions": "r",
     "args": null
    I made some tests with other calendar shares:

    mbox> gfg /private_cal
    Permissions    Type  Display
    -----------  ------  -------
              i     all
    mbox> mfg /private_cal all none
    ERROR: zclient.CLIENT_ERROR (unablle to resolve zimbra id for: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000)
    I am not sure, if I use the right syntax here... But I am not able to remove any shares as it seems. Any Ideas?


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    Looks like a bug when revoking "all"/"public".

    I filed bug 24044 and fixed it. Also fixed the display of guest email address for getFolderGrant.
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