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Thread: [SOLVED] Outgoing relay port

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    Default [SOLVED] Outgoing relay port

    I am wondering if anyone has setup the outgoing relay mta to a different port. I tried entering the server that I wanted it to go out on, but it needs to be going out on a non-standard port (not port 25). I couldn't seem to locate anything on the forums about this or on the support site.

    I can enter the server address, but when I go to the field to the right of the address and enter the port number I wish to use, it says Value did not match valid values. I am currently setting this in the Admin console, Servers, MTA.

    I am currently on Zimbra version 5.0.1.

    I fixed my problem by setting the relay mta in the Global Settings first. Sorry for the post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonl View Post
    I fixed my problem by setting the relay mta in the Global Settings first. Sorry for the post.
    FYI another way to set it includes:
    su - zimbra
    zmprov ms zimbraMtaRelayHost

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