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Thread: Free/Busy for Remote Exchange Server

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    Default Free/Busy for Remote Exchange Server

    I am looking for a little help on this one...

    Company A runs Zimbra, loves it.

    Company B (who nows owns company A) runs Exchange.

    They already have GAL searching, though it isn't live search on the exchange server side for some reason, they do weekly imports. Is there any way for members at company B to have access to free busy information for employees at Company A? It would need to be done server side and not at the individual desktops at company B.


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    New in ZCS 5.0.1: company B users can visit for a human-readably HTML view.

    /?fmt=ifb is a publish URL for Outlook-compatible free/busy data.

    It is possible to integrate this into Outlook, but not user-friendly -- Google for "outlook free busy without exchange." You have to set an IFB URL attribute for every company A user in every company B user's addressbook. It might be possible to manage this centrally.
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    Isn't server-server interop documented in NE admin guide?

    pp. 70 & 75.

    Also Free Busy Interop for Exchange - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Exchange Freebusy Interop - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Sumatra's Calendar Server Blog: Exchange 2007 - Zimbra Free/Busy: The Magic PowerShell Command
    Are you free or busy? » Zimbra :: Blog

    Some of the above links are more command-line oriented but it appears that you can do most or all of what's needed using the web admin interface these days (see the admin guide). You do apparently need the cooperation of the Exchange admins as it sounds like they need to give you a "foreign principal" account as well as access to their AD or Global Catalog.

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