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Thread: Disable delivery to Junk Folder

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    Default Disable delivery to Junk Folder

    Please forgive me if this is already addressed somewhere. I've been searching and haven't found the solution I am looking for.

    We have an Open Source GA 5.0.0 installation running a couple of different domains. On one domain, I would like to disable the delivery of spam to the Junk folder. The reasoning is somewhat convoluted, but here goes:

    The users on this domain are setup with POP. I'd like to move them over to IMAP, but, well, they just don't want that. They are running Outlook and Outlook Express clients. They do not wish to use the web interface for their day-to-day operation. The *do*, however, want to see what the system has flagged as spam.

    i.e. they want to download, via POP, the contents of the Junk folder, and store it in a Personal Folder so that they can review it from time-to-time.

    OK- great! So, the Easter Egg deal - (login as{in.junk}) - is perfect for them, right? No, as it turns out, this doesn't work with Outlook. When I try to set this up on Outlook, Outlook connects fine, but never pulls any new messages. A solution to this would work as good as anything, but I moved on...

    The next solution... modify amavisd configuration for this domain by adding the following:

    @spam_tag2_level_maps = (
    { '' => 7,
    \$sa_tag2_level_deflt, # catchall default

    @spam_kill_level_maps = (
    { '' => 7,
    \$sa_kill_level_deflt, # catchall default

    @spam_dsn_cutoff_level_maps = (
    { '' => 7,
    \$sa_dsn_cutoff_level, # catchall default

    This is good. Nothing is delivered to the Junk folder and I con configure a Rule in outlook to process the headers for "X-Spam-Level: *****" to move Spam into the appropriate Personal Folder.

    But...the domain users are using Outlook Express and not just Outlook. The Outlook Express developers seem to have left out processing headers as a function of their Filter Rules.

    So, is there any way to get rid of the changes I made to amavisd and instead have amavisd write a '***SPAM***' subject tag *only for this domain*', but *NOT* deliver to the Junk folder, again, *only for this domain*?

    Is there a better solution? Any help is appreciated.

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    Well, I found this bug:
    Bug 21062 - POP3 server should (optionally) merge Junk and Inbox folders

    so, I guess I am not the first.

    Also, I have made a little progress with respect to tagging a message. This can be configured on a per-domain basis in amavisd.conf as follows:

    $sa_spam_subject_tag = '%%zimbraSpamSubjectTag%%';
    $sa_spam_modifies_subj = 0;

    #Only those domains listed here will have their Subject Modified
    @spam_modifies_subj_maps= (
    { '' => 1,
    \$sa_spam_modifies_subj, # catchall default

    but I still need help with the second half of the problem. After the handoff to Zimbra via LMTP, how is the message delivered to the Junk folder? It doesn't look like this is handled/configurable using addr_extension_spam_maps. Does Zimbra actually re-process the message headers, then? Where is this done?
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