I'm preparing to upgrade to version 5.0.1 over this coming weekend, and the issue of when, where, and how aliases are hidden in the GAL has me concerned and confused.

When version 4.0 came out bug 10456 appeared, where all aliases were showing up when searching the GAL. This bug was later fixed so that aliases did not show up at all in the GAL searches. There is also another bug/RFE, 14919 that is "assigned" to hide aliases on a per alias basis. In testing the GA version of 5.0 (and 5.0.1) I found that aliases were showing up again when do address auto-complete in a "compose new message" window; in other places the aliases are still hidden. (Although I have since found that they also show in the IM window). I created yet another bug (23298) for this issue. So far my bug hasn't generated much interest; still marked as "new", only one vote (my own), and only one other person commenting.

There seems to be some indication, based on some comments on bugs 23298 and 14919, and also from this thread that I started, that this is either the intended behavior or that it will be fixed when bug/RFE 14919 is "fixed".

My questions are: A) Why would this ever be the intended behavior; to hide aliases in most spots, but not in the address auto-complete? Am I the only one that finds the extra alias addresses showing up annoying and confusing? B) As far as this issue being fixed with 14919, I am afraid that this won't be the case. If alias hiding is already working in most places, but not in address auto-complete, how is hiding aliases on a per alias basis going to change this? I'm thinking if the current "hide alias" code is allowing aliases to show up in address auto-complete it will continue to do so, even if there is a check box to hide individual aliases.

Any thoughts or comments on this issue are welcome.