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    Hi All,

    So I just installed and generally configured ZCS 5.0. It works great except I can't seem to get Documents or Briefcases to share properly.

    So in general terms I have scrubbed the forums and found some errors that might indicate a problem. Problem being I am not getting any of those errors.

    Which leads me to my next point, the combination of my green-ness and a lack of errors has me thinking I'm just going about it wrong. It seems it's all working fine with exception of the Operator :-)

    I also can't find any basic how-to's or any sort of higher level implementation or configuration guides. So I'm not sure how to even assess what I am setting up wrong or how.

    Can anyone provide or point me to information on how to setup ZCS and accomplish the following?

    1. Properly setup a domain level Document repository and properly share it to all users in a domain (do I create a new account or add a resource or configure the wiki account?). These are the simple things I need my hand held for

    2. Properly link a Document Notebook in a user account to said document repository (or maybe I just need to be told how to see it?)

    3 Properly setup a Shared calendar for all users in a domain to use

    4. Properly setup a calendar to view/edit said calendar from a user account on the domain

    5. Same thing for Contacts

    And the last way down the line thing I can't get working is accessing CalDav resources on the server. I have tried both iCal Mac OS and Outlook Windows to no avail. but I think perhaps there is yet another config I have yet to be enlightened to.

    Sorry if these seems basic or mundane. i'm just having a hard time getting started with the basics.



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    I should also note on iCal and CalDAV I am using Leopard (10.5) but I think I am not pointing to the correct path (URL).

    Thanks Again!


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    In the admin console I get errors when I try domain level documents but all I did was create a "normal" user and use this account as a global shared repository. I share the calendar, contacts, documents and briefcase with all users. They get an email and they just accept the share.

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