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It seems a bit of a dodge to go claiming the situation is outside the realm of enterprise mail. Zimbra doesn't have the functionality, that's fine. But leave the marketing double-speak out of it.
Well I'm not a marketeer by trade, just an engineer. Sorry if this came across as too dodgy, but it's not a use case I've ever seen in the enterprise. Lots of ways to solve this without trying to do aggregation.

- imapsync then put in a forward to Zimbra for new mail
- imapsync then point the Mx record/domain at Zimbra

Can you shed some more light on how/why you need to aggregate rather than do a one-time migration of current mail, then send new mail directly to Zimbra? I can't see how this scales to a large user base in an enterprise situation. Seems like an administrative nightmare. How do you and your company do this today in a manageable way and what prevents you from doing a one-time migration?