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Thread: Domain aliases not covered in the wiki

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    Default Domain aliases not covered in the wiki

    I have a situation where I have more than 100 domains aliased to 1 single domain entry. So in my Zimbra admin I have a list of several domains, and one of those actually has well over 100 aliases. For example: I have, and has aliased. I accomplished this, the hard way, by entering something like
    zmprov cd zimbraDomainType alias zimbraMailCatchAllAddress zimbraMailCatchAllForwardingAddress
    My question is basically this, "is there an easier way of managing domain aliases?" I also now have need for a mail box say "foo" on domain I can create this in, however, I then have " I could also pull out of the alias pool and create it as a stand alone domain with the "foo" mailbox ... (I actually need to have as an alias that points to
    I'm just hoping I've missed something and there is an easier way of managing these issues. I may have over/under thought this problem through. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
    I like Zimbra, but could live with out ldap. Perhaps the question should be, "can I install Zimbra without ldap to function more similarly to my current postfix/cyrus solution?"
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