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Thread: [SOLVED] Hard Drive Usage Mystery

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    Default [SOLVED] Hard Drive Usage Mystery

    I'm a little confused, and could use some help.

    We have Zimbra 5.0.1 on the following partition.
    /dev/drbd0 63G 44G 20G 69% /opt

    I've completed an audit of the mailboxes through the admin interface. Out of the 22 mailboxes in use, our storage adds up to 20,073.575 MBytes.

    Out log directory adds up to 54M, there are no backups stored on this drive, they are on an external drive.

    A lot of the mails are in more than one mailbox, and using Zimbra's single message store, I would expect this number to be a lot less.

    Where can I start looking to see what is consuming this space?

    Also, we have the archiving package installed. I would like to make sure it's disabled and remove the package or at least make sure it's not started/stopped when Zimbra is started. If we've never configured archiving, but it's installed, is it possible that it's spooling something and that's consuming our hard drive space?

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