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Thread: QUESTION: Sending large attachments

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    Question QUESTION: Sending large attachments

    Hi, I am playing around with a hosted install of Zimbra, and I have a question regarding sending (large) attachments with mail.

    I have clients frequently sending large attachments, and I am concerned that the upload method (ZWC) is not robust+simple enough for these.

    I've tried uploading files to the 'briefcase', but when attempting to attach files from the briefcase, only the link is included in the mail (which might be helpful and save bandwith, but requires sharing of a public folder).

    Are there ways of integrating zimbra with windows explorer so that sending and uploading is simplified? Is it possible to move/upload files via webdav and attach these to email messages later?

    thanks for any help!
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    outlook connector only option?

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