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Thread: Kerberos Authentication

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    Default Kerberos Authentication

    Hello all,

    I see in the PM that Kerberos Authentication is now supported by Zimbra:
    Bug 19241 - Kerberos support for GAL and external auth

    Does anyone know how to go about setting this up?

    Karl M. Davis

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    The krb5.txt documentation appears not to be included in the binary distributions. Try the source at

    Based on bugzilla, I'd start with

    zmprov md zimbraAuthKerberos5Realm KERBEROS.EXAMPLE.COM zimbraAuthMech kerberos5

    grep -i -2 kerb /opt/zimbra/conf/attrs/zimbra-attrs.xml

    See also Bug 19270 - Support SASL auth method in IMAP and POP3

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