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Thread: Web UI issues in 5.0.x

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    Default Web UI issues in 5.0.x

    I have been seeing a minor issue in 5.0, and was wondering if anyone else was seeing it before opening a bug.

    When I compose or forward a mail message, I enter the recipients and subject, but cannot type in the body area. If I am forwarding, the message does not appear in the body area. Once I close and retry the same function, it works fine. I have tried in Firefox 2.x and 3.0beta2.


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    Default Yep, Firefox on Linux UI dysfunction

    Yeah, I hit that one the first day after the upgrade to 5.0.1. It was sporatic at times. I still notice lots of admin UI dysfunction with the older Firefox 1.5.* on Linux with 5.0.1. Windows FIrefox 2.0.* works fine.

    By the way... when does 5.0.2 come out? I keep checking back everyday waiting and wondering....
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