I've installed the latest M4_62 version of Zimbra this morning on a newly installed CentOS4 server. During the setup of Zimbra & fetchmail I had a slight problem which meant that mail (spam, actually) that should have gone to my local mailbox is being forwarded to another ISP (I think it was bounced). Unfotunately this mail has been in the outbound queue all day and Zimbra keeps trying to deliver it, is there any way in Zimbra to delete this mail from the queue? If it's not possible in Zimbra what else could I do to get rid of this junk? Will there be any feature added to Zimbra that will allow the management of the outbound queue for situations such as this?

I'm assuming this isn't a Zimbra problem but any help would be appreciated. I use webmin to set-up and manage fetchmail from several ISP accounts, when I had Zimbra installed on my last server I only had to enter the local username in the webmin/fetchmail config to get it delivered locally to the FQDN mailbox. On this new server I've done the same thing but fetchmail tries to deliver the mail to username@localhost rather than the FQDN mailbox name. This has caused the problem of getting mail bounced (which I've mentioned above), can anyone suggest what I may have done wrong? I've been scratching my head about this all day. I can't see anything strange in the logs other than the failed deliver messages.