Im running 4.5.10_GA_1575.RHEL4_64_20071117095807 RHEL4_64 NETWORK edition
and everything has been working fine for months now.

Over the weekend the logger mysql db was corrupt so the stats were not working. I repaired the corrupt table and restarted the stats. zmcontrol status showed everything running and graphs were updating and all that.

Right now zmcontrol status shows stats Stopped but graphs and logs and everything seems to be working fine.
ps aux | grep zmstat shows all the zmstat-* scripts running and logmysqladmin status also shows activity.

It just seems like the zmcontrol doesn't know that stats are working and I tried looking at what that script runs but I cant really figure it out.

Looking at the zimbra.log file it shows stats: Running and then two minutes later around 4:30 yesterday it shows stats: Stopped

any ideas what could be going on here?