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Thread: Briefcase - Size?

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    Default Briefcase - Size?

    What is the maximum size allowed for a file imported to Briefcase?

    Also, what is the maximum attachment file size?



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    Depends on your zimbraFileUploadMaxSize.

    So, you might to set zimbraFileUploadMaxSize 10-30% > than your attachment/file that you're uploading to the briefcase.
    Also as a general rule, I set zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize 10% larger than the zimbraFileUploadMaxSize.

    Say both are set to 10MB (and you tell everyone they can send 10MB attachments):
    An email with a 9MB attachment and 100KB message body text. The attachment may be less than the 10MB zimbraFileUploadMaxSize, and so it'll get accepted by the file upload system. But when it's converted into a MIME message it ends up base64-encoded. Then add 100K of regular body text, and the resulting message (say 10.3MB or so) is then handed off to postfix, which checks zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize and promptly rejects the message if it's over the limit of 10MB.

    Of course that would mean that you would set zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize even larger if you want to allow emails with multiple large attachments.

    You could also vote for Bug 19515 - Separate Max File Size for Briefcase

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    Default I'm all for a seperate sizes

    Here is my logic for larger brief case sizes.

    1. It's much easier to clean up your briefcase that to search your mail messages for large files. I've shown the same people a dozen times how to use the advanced search and explained that it's usually 20 different email's that are using up all their space.
    2. Our users share cad files with other people, so the send out a cad file that is 8mb. It get's saved in their sent folders. Then every day for the next week the send an updated one to the client, so I have 8 different sent email hogging up all that space.
    2.a. If end users have a choice between brief case and sending an attachment, they will do attachment, it is much easier to do!
    2.b. By having the briefcase size much higher they are forced to use it or they will have to use the ftp site.
    3. I'm sure other IT administrators will appreciate that their users email boxes are staying small, the user will download the file directly to the computer and bypass email alltogether.

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    And then the option to 'attach/map' the briefcase to a cifs home-folder of the user (there's an RFE out for connecting briefcase to a (samba-)share). This would make administrators' life a lot easier.. Shared drive right in your mailbox :0)
    Of course some security-contraints must be put in place.. but it would be nice to have the attachments/files remain in the datacenter and not on the line..
    Using ZCS Network-edition 5.0.16 on Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS and 8.04 LTS

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    Default 6.0.2

    Has anybody noticed that even setting max upload and msg sizes doesn't help the briefcase attachments? I was wondering if this was because they decided to separate them? I have set the 2 values but I am still receiving attachment too big errors from the web interface when trying to upload files > 10MB to a briefcase.

    Any ideas?

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    I'd like to see the ability to upload very large files (up to 4 GB), and have a progress bar during the upload.

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