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Thread: filter case sensitivity?

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    Default filter case sensitivity?

    The docs are really vague on this, and I wanted to be sure I hadn't missed anything before I file a bug....

    It seems like "Matches Exactly" (or :is in the Sieve script) is case sensitive, while "contains" isn't.

    I have a filter that looks like:

    # ase auto reponders
    if anyof (header :is "from" "" ,
    header :is "from" "" ,
    header :is "from" "" ,
    header :is "from" "" ,
    header :is "from" "" )
    fileinto "/postmaster";

    and mail from is not being filtered.

    A few of my users have also reported similar filter weirdness and just today it occurred to us that it might be a case match issue.

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    I've just hade the same issue, I really can not that it's possible to implement this functionallity with case sensitivity...!

    Please fix this!

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