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Thread: Domain specific login page theme - Network edition

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    Default Domain specific login page theme - Network edition


    Using Network Edition ZCS 5.

    I have no problem defining a custom theme and setting it as the default in a COS. My question is how do I apply the theme to the login page on a domain per domain bases?


    User logins in at and the login screen graphic is company logo and Zimbra logo composite.

    Then if a different user from a different company logins at then the login graphic is different from company graphic.

    Iíve searched the forums to no avail, anyone that has achieved this or can point me right direction your help is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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    Welcome to the forums.

    You might want to check in bugzilla for any similar items when you have a problem. Check these bug reports and vot on them if they apply to you:

    Bug 6129 - Themes per domain
    Bug 10585 - set default skin per server and/or virtual host(before login)


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