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Thread: jabber contact list - exportable list possible

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    Default jabber contact list - exportable list possible

    I am pushing for rollout of Jabber for our analyst teams global communication needs. The big roadblock right now is manualy adding each and every person we have worldwide to each other! Working 24x7 on varisou shifts means a lot of headaches trying to get them to add each other.

    Is there some way to make a distribution list available via the Jabber component of Zimbra, so any user can simply 'use' the 'Analyst' or 'Marketing' or 'IT' contract list / group?

    I've pounded through the forums with no luck and I have not run across any configuration button or interface to do this in the UI.

    Can anyone explain or point me to a document that will silence the whining of management about handling this multi-point buddy linking our test group has had to go through?

    NOTE: We are using the Network Edition if that matters.

    TIA, FYI and CYA!

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    This RFE is close, not the 'add/message all in dist list' like your asking, but still deals with populating the buddy list: Bug 24213 - RFE: SOAP api or zmprov to allow admins to add buddies

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