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Thread: Briefcase & Documents (Restrict file size and file extension).

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    Default Briefcase & Documents (Restrict file size and file extension).

    I'm looking to implement Zimbra in place of Ifolder and I was wondering if you can and how you would go about restricting the file size and file extensions for the Briefcase and Documents section.

    Thanks again,

    Forrest Gaston

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    Welcome to the forums!

    You can set the zimbraFileUploadMaxSize attribute (takes effect across the entire system).

    As a might to set zimbraFileUploadMaxSize 10-30% > than your attachment/file that you're uploading to the briefcase.

    Also as a general rule, I set zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize 10% larger than the zimbraFileUploadMaxSize.
    Say both are set to 10MB (and you tell everyone they can send 10MB attachments):
    An email with a 9MB attachment and 100KB message body text. The attachment may be less than the 10MB zimbraFileUploadMaxSize, and so it'll get accepted by the file upload system. But when it's converted into a MIME message it ends up base64-encoded. Then add 100K of regular body text, and the resulting message (say 10.3MB or so) is then handed off to postfix, which checks zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize and promptly rejects the message if it's over the limit of 10MB.

    Of course that would mean that you would set zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize even larger if you want to allow emails with multiple large attachments.

    You could also vote for these two RFE's:
    Bug 19515 - Separate Max File Size for Briefcase
    Bug 19516 - Ability to segregate Briefcase storage from regular mail storage

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    How about restrictions on uploaded file extensions? What control this?

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