I have a multi server install and am attempting to allow plain text login for imap on my mailbox server so i can use imapsync. it does not have zimbra-mta installed. I go to the server and click on the IMAP tab. I then select "Enable clear text login" and hit save and I get a popup

Invalid Value
Message: Error! Value for MTA Trusted Networks must contain local network interfaces: {0}.
Additional information about MTA Trusted Networks configuration can be found at Zi - Zimbra :: Wiki...

This shouldn't be checked on non mta box. in fact, why does it even have a mta tab for a server not running zimbra-mta. the value for mta trusted networks exists on the server i have running the zimbra-mta and mail routing is working fine to hte mailbox server.

If I try to just put in the box under mta just to make it happy it still gives me the error.