I haven't had a chance to mess around with this in the last week or two but I have read over past forum threads/wiki articles and so on and was wondering if anyone else was out there was using FreeRadius configured to Zimbra's LDAP backend.

I'm able to get thru the authorization and authentication stage then passing off the DEFAULT entry in the users file but I was hoping be able to tie the radius attributes directly into the zimbra backend and hand off Framed IP's, Netmasks, Port Limits and so on. Currently we are running 3 radius services for 3 different types of services but when/if we move to a zimbra or other solution I would like to tie this into one.

I did see an article by someone else posted over a year ago mentioning using the built in zimbra mysql database. Is the users password stored in mysql as well as ldap? If so I can build off that.