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Thread: [SOLVED] Unable to add a new account.

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    Question [SOLVED] Unable to add a new account.

    When attempting to add a new account I get the following error:

    Message: createAccount invalid attr value: [LDAP: error code 21 - objectClass: value #3 invalid per syntax] Error code: 
    account.INVALID_ATTR_VALUE Method: 
    ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke Details:soap:Sender
    LDAP service is running. This is the first user I'm attempting to add since upgrading to v5 a couple of weeks ago.

    In searching the forums I saw a few mentions of samba & posix accounts. In an earlier release I played around with the samba PDC integration. However, I've upgraded several versions since then w/o re-issuing the necessary configuration changes. I currently have no posix or samba options in the add account dialoge.

    Any direction would be appreciated.
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