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Thread: i/o errors, no web login, IMAP fails, no fun

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    Default i/o errors, no web login, IMAP fails, no fun

    I've got more problems. I've got a test install of ZCS GA 5.0.2 FOSS running on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. I've got 1 active test user (me). I am testing using both the web interface and on a 10.5 machine. Its been working pretty well until now. Nothing works anymore, but the zmcontrol shows all services running fine. I don't want to restart zimbra just yet because I want to know why the service is failing with only 1 user on the system.

    Login page for web mail:
    Says "A network service error has occurred (zclient/io)."

    Admin page:
    Never gets passed the 'Loading...' page

    IMAP (via
    Nothing. Shows servers offline

    zmcontrol status shows all services running.

    Server is a dual proc Xeon 3Ghz PowerEdge 2850 with 2GB ram. Storage is RAID 5 on 143GB U320 SCSI drives. I'm eventually going to be serving mail for around 35 users so I would imagine this server setup is sufficient.

    Thanks in advance for your help. Again, I'm really impressed with Zimbra but also a little concerned I'm having these issues already with only one user on the system...

    Restarting the service did fix things (I'm impatient) but I still want to know why this happened. I found another post that referenced 'ulimit' and I upped it from 1024 to 64000. No idea if that will fix the issue.
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