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Thread: Generating New Self-Signed Certs - Multiple Servers

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    Default Generating New Self-Signed Certs - Multiple Servers

    I've followed the instructions in the wiki for generating a new self-signed certificate.

    SSL Certificate Problems - Zimbra :: Wiki

    I've got a question for multi server environments though. After I generate the CA and certs on server A, it says to update the CA Cert stored in LDAP. So I did that. So then I go and run through the steps on server B....and update the CA Cert stored in LDAP again....but I think that's a problem isn't it?

    When I update the CA in LDAP from server B it overwrites the CA listed in there from server how is this supposed to work then? Do I need to use one as the CA....then generate the certificate files I need based on that CA on all the other servers? Can I just copy the CA files over to the other servers? I'm just not sure how this is supposed to work.


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    You'll only want a single certificate authority. So you'll only need to update ldap once. You can reuse the ca files for the additional servers. You can either copy the files or download them from ldap.
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