Hello Personnel

Someone could help me integrate the Zimbra to Active Directory, has tried all possible resources to accomplish this but could not.
I wonder how I should proceed with the commands ldap, someone has some example?
Already tried by google, wikis guide for zimbra and so far unable to be successful in this integration.

Below information

Fqdn = kanna.corp.au
Ip =

My tree in this AD as follows

- Kanna.corp.au
-- Center (OU)
--- Administrative (OU)
--- Accounting (OU)
--- Pharmacy (OU)
--- Doctors (OU)
--- Physiotherapy (OU)

I wish that all users who had in the field "kanna.corp.au" had an email in zimbra
Using the name of the account that they use to log in the field

My domain for access to the email zimbra is "kanna.com.au"

Personal thanks, I look forward in the