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Thread: Creating new folder not working properly?

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    Default Creating new folder not working properly?

    I mentioned this at the bottom of another post, but figured that was not quite the best place to put it. I am running the latest M4 for SuSE10 that I found and am having a few problems. In particular, the problem I'm posting about here is that when I go to create a new folder via the web client, it seems to lose the name I provide and the folder just gets created as 'zmFolder'.

    Before I found out that disabling the All-In-One mouse gesture extension for firefox was required to get right click to work, I could not even rename it after I created it.

    I searched bugzilla for it and did not see anything about it so felt I should mention it here.

    Btw, awesome job w/Zimbra.


    P.S. Am I the only one seeing this? Can it be reproduced?
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