I've had Zimbra configured to allow what I thought would be approximately 10 MB attachments to be sent/received. Taking into account some message overhead, I had the "Maximum message size" set to 12582912 kb. I thought everything was working OK, but today I had a user receive a message, with an attachment, which shows in the "Size" column as 10 MB. When she tried to forward the message, adding just a small comment, the message was rejected due to the size. My initial thought was that it had just squeaked through, and now the forward with even a small amount of text had pushed it over the limit. When I did some checking I saw that the attachment is only around 7.5 MB. My next thought was that maybe I had underestimated the message overhead. I did some searching around here on the forums and on the web, and found that the message overhead may be around 30%. So, I bumped up my setting a little, and sure enough the message went through. However, when I looked at the logs on our Internet email gateway server, which is running Postfix, the message size shows up as only 10409006 kb. So, what is Zimbra calculating that made it think my message was over my original max message size limit? Or am I just not understanding something about this setting?

Also, on a related matter, when I went to the Admin panel to change this setting I only saw one "size" setting field. I seem to remember that the used to also be a setting for the maximum size of an uploaded file (not sure of the exact wording). I know I can change this setting from the command line, with 'zmprov', but just curious as to why it's not on the Admin page anymore. Did something change in version 5?