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Thread: Closed / Locked Accounts with using Zimbra LDAP to authenticate other things

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    Default Closed / Locked Accounts with using Zimbra LDAP to authenticate other things


    We've been using the Zimbra LDAP directory as a central authentication service within our company, to provide authentication to Unix shell accounts, Windows via Samba and Web access.

    One problem is that when an account is marked as locked or closed in Zimbra is is still possible for it to bind to the LDAP directory and therefore access everything except Zimbra. We therefore have to change a user's password when they leave, which means more work for me and that it's harder to temporarily suspend an account.

    I think one way round this would be to put an acl in the to prevent entries with zimbraAccountStatus set to closed or locked from binding - but this doesn't seem to be possible (although the acl syntax is quite complex!).

    Has anybody else found a way round this?


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    Hello everyone.
    I'm reviving this old thread because I found it searching for the very same issue.

    It's been a long time since robh posted this. But I'm having the same issue with Zimbra 8 and using the LDAP for authenticating other services (for the proxy for ex.).

    Does anyone know of any way to set LDAP to respect the Zimbra account status?

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