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Thread: Briefcase upload problem outside of LAN

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    Default Briefcase upload problem outside of LAN

    I have looked for this particular problem in the forums with no success.

    I installed the Network Edition of 5.0 a couple of weeks ago and am not experimenting with 'Briefcase' before rolling it out and supporting it in beta.

    I can successfully upload items while on the LAN or using a VPN to LAN but not outside of the LAN. Is there a port that needs to be opened or forwarded? When I try to upload while on a standard Internet connection there is a pause and it appears to be transferring but nothing ever shows up. I can create folders using the same connection.

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    Is the URL to access the server from inside LAN the same as Outside?

    If you are using firefox try install Firebug and see if it miss any request.


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